Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals
Amelia Island, FL


Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a fun, easy, and fast-growing water sport that everyone can enjoy. Amelia Island and surrounding areas are known for great stand up paddle boarding. You will be amazed how fun and exciting paddle boarding right in the ocean is! Many of our paddle board renters have told us they have paddled right next to dolphins and other marine life.

Stand up and paddle around or kneel on the board when you need a break. It offers a great full-body workout, while you enjoy the ocean’s surf. To get past the break in the ocean, paddle straight out and over the waves. The versatility makes stand up paddle boarding a popular choice for skiers, snowboarders, and other athletes looking for an exciting yet relaxing way to cross-train on the water.

Our boards are great for beginners while still offering the cutting edge technology for experienced paddlers. Our stand up paddle boards are 12 ft long which allows you to have stability and support while still allowing you easy mobility on the board. A paddle, life vest and a leash are provided with every rental. Life vests must be worn or be secured on the board at all times.

Renting a stand up paddle board from Riptide is easy and convenient! Reserve your board over the phone or online. Select the day you’d like your rental for and the location for delivery. A Riptide representative will set up a time to meet you for the day you selected. We will meet you right on the beach! You will not need to carry the board anywhere but in and out of the water. Give us a call at the end of the day when you are all finished or we will be back for it around 5PM.

Need help getting your bearings on the stand up paddle board? We offer hour and a half lessons for SUP beginners. An instructor will be with you the whole time ensure you are comfortable and safe on your board. They will teach you tricks and tips of paddling that will make you a pro in no time.  Stand Up Paddle Board lessons can be booked over the phone. For more details, visit our Stand Up Paddle Board Lesson page on our website.

If you have paddled before but are looking for a guide through the waters, we also offer stand up paddle board tours of various locations throughout Northeast Florida. Our SUP tours are historic as well as natural based so you are surely in for a treat. Wildlife, such as dolphins, manatees, birds, and even sometimes alligators are active in different stand up paddle boarding hot spots. Our guides will keep you safe, entertained, and educated throughout the tour. Reservations for our SUP tours can be made over the phone. For more details, visit our Stand Up Paddle Board Tour page on our website.

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