Cooler Rental with Ice
Amelia Island, FL



No longer do you need to deal with the hassle of carrying a heavy cooler up and down the boardwalk each day from your condo or rental. Riptide will take care of that!

Delivery is complimentary with every cooler rental and can be easily added to your chair and umbrella reservation as well. Reservations for the 20 quart Icer cooler can be made over the phone or online. If you have a chair and umbrella reservation with us you can simply add the cooler right to your reservation and it will be locked safely to your umbrella or chair for you in the morning. Don’t need the chair and umbrella rental but still want the cooler rental? No worries, we will meet you at your beach location with your cooler of ice!

Our cooler rentals include ice already inside of them so all you need to do is provide the drinks!  Icer coolers are built strong and guarantee that your drinks stay cold all day. The 20 quart cooler can hold up to 24 cans. Forgot a bottle opener? Our cooler rentals have one built into the lid. We begin pickup of the coolers at 5pm each day so you will never have to carry the cooler anywhere.