Body Board Rentals
Amelia Island, FL


The easiest activities can sometimes be the most fun! Body boarding, or as some may refer to it as boogie boarding, is an exciting way to play in the waves. Simply attach the wrist guard to your arm, lay on the board with your back facing the ocean, hold on, and ride the waves into shore. You will feel the rush of the wave and the speed of the board come together to launch you through the ocean. Children and adults alike love to body board!

Riptide’s body boards are not your average boards. They are designed with a water tunnel system and a curved nose that provides maximum stability and holding power. They also have a thumb grip that provides increased control. The material and weight of the boards make them  faster in the water and more durable. We have several sizes of our boards to guarantee the right fit for you.  We will deliver the body boards right to you on the beach so no need to leave the comfort of your seat! You can reserve your body boards over the phone or online and we will meet you the day of your reservation. Delivery and pickup is complimentary with your rental and our price is for the whole day. Just give us a call when you are all done and we will come scoop the boards back up. Body boards are a great addition to your chair and umbrella reservation for adding some adventure to your relaxing day!

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